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Landing Pages Organized into Sales Funnels

To lead the customers AND to avoid the usual distractions you get within a website BECAUSE
there are too many links to other products and services WHICH
makes the visitors BROWSE INSTEAD of purchasing something...

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It is one of the best to explain what and why you need a sales funnel...

If ClickFunnels is What You Are Looking For: Here You Go...

5 Scenarios to choose from

Here are different providers of platforms we suggest you can choose from. They are in the reverse order of Cost, Complexity, Ease of Use and Support of Technicians you will need.
  • ClickFunnels: The current leader in landing pages and sales funnels. Its unique competitive advantage to the others is marketing.
  • GrooveFunnels: ¨Engineer ¨ driven. They are working on offering the most complete platform that will integrate all tools needed. They have a entry level that cost absolutely nothing and will satisfy a lot of small entrepreneurs.
  • The Autoresponders: GetResponse and AWeber offer landing pages with their email autoresponder services. They also both offer that you broadcast newsletters. In addition, you can manage your Facebook ads and sell products directly within GetReponse. An upgrade offers you a webinar environment you can use.
  • CloudFunnels: They offer you a full sales funnel website that you can upload on your own server or a shared one, etc., with a hosting website company. You buy it once, there are no monthly fees. For those preferring a full control and ready to do more technical work.
  • WordPress Sales Funnel Theme: For those that only want to work with WordPress. There are many themes that will allow you to design sales funnel type of pages. Below I will give what you should be looking for. This will probably be the solution requesting the most of your time to manage. There is a multitude of offers for you to choose. You can use Google to find them. There are too many for us to choose one from you.

What Should You Do?

Here is what the differences between each solution and how I suggest you pick one.

First of all, for many of you, whatever you decide, you will be able to change your mind later. What you know and what you want to do today might not lead you to the same conclusion and decision you will take a year or two from now. 

Second, these solutions evolve all the time. And new players might come up with something new next year or the year after... 

Third, do not base your decision on what you are good at... Like going with a WordPress solution because you already master that product or that you are very good with websites, servers, etc. 

Why? Because you are not considering the Sales Funnel path because of something you are good at but most probably because you want to get more sales results. Right?

This is why ClickFunnels is leading the Sales Funnel Market. They are marketer leaders, and they sell you all the time and share with you all their sales strategy and tactics. If you need to learn a lot about marketing, direct selling, marketing online, the process and combining that with email marketing, they are the one sharing with you the most insights, training, network of successful marketers. 
Often, the problem with starting something from scratch (like building a sales funnel) is not what you already know, it is what you don't know... 

This is why also we might be overly careful at following the recommendations of someone with don't really know very well. It is difficult to assess the value of something you don't know. Example: you can't judge what is a perfect diamond if you don't know anything about diamonds. Even Albert Einstein commented about this truth: ¨We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. ¨

As it is kind of worthless to try to give you all the reasons why ClickFunnels will take you to a new level of awareness and help you see opportunities that you might not even know exist... Watch the following video, I am pretty sure it will give you a feeling of what is going on in the community of ClickFunnels users:

On the other hand, if you are very good at marketing and you understood that standard websites are a nuisance at keeping the potential customers focused and following a path to purchase your product or acquire you services, GrooveFunnels could be a great choice because they compete by positioning themselves with offering a much more integrated solution. 

The next solution is for those that can't live without having full control of their website. Then you can acquire the CloudFunnels funnel and implement it on a server of yours or at a hosting company.

The last solution is to look for a WordPress theme that allows creating landing pages. The most important criteria you should be looking is a theme that allows you to work with a complete blank page or provide sales funnels templates that respect the rule #1. the rule #1 of a sales funnel is that there is no link in the page that allow the visitor to go elsewhere and start browsing the remaining of the website. That kills sales. Ask a good salesman. He wants to drive his customers through a path that makes him decide to buy. That is what a sales funnel copycat. A good salesman will not on the verge of having a customer decide to buy to suddenly tell him, you might also want to look at... This is how you offer a prospect to not take a decision now...

If you are tight on budget

If you are very thigh on your budget, you can even start with the autoresponders. In the case of GetResponse and AWeber, they both offer landing pages with their monthly email services. You will need them anyway to manage your email auto responses and automation. Their strength is more into the emails, their marketing courses and trainers are more likely done by employees and are more of the 101-marketing type. But to start, if you don't have much budget and not revenue yet... When you start making some money, you can then move up the ladder of marketing and pay yourself much stronger platforms and maybe even go straight to use ClickFunnels.

You can get some of Clickfunnels marketing expertise while you wait to afford them...

Worth mentioning, in any case, you still can get a lot from ClickFunnels marketing expertise. One of their best training is the One Funnel Away Challenge. It cost only $100 because they hope to convert you to a regular customer. That training is by far the best on the market and at a ridiculous price...

My final suggestion to you if you are on a very tight budget: Get Getresponse or Aweber, take the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

  • Start with Getresponse or Aweber
  • Take the One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Follow the One Funnel Away Challenge instruction working with the landing pages of the autoresponder
  • ​If you still don't have enough budget, but you find difficult or limiting the landing pages solutions of the autoresponder, sign-up with GrooveFunnels since it is free. (You might even consider doing that right away because you will get a lot more from them regarding landing pages and sales funnel than the autoresponder. this approach means you get an autoresponder for your emails and sign-up with GrooveFunnels right at the beginning). 
  • Obviously if money is no object and you want to have access to the best network of Sales Funnels marketers, go ahead right away and sign-up for an autoresponder and ClickFunnels
  • ​An additional reason to choose clickfunnels is the fact that this is the platform we work with. It means we can share our knowledge and expertise with you. Just like the offer through the Email Profits Masterclass.
I wish you well,

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