Emails Might Be Your Most Important Online Asset!

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads are getting more competitive and costly. You have no control where this is going. 

That's why your email list could be literally the only thing you actually and will ever own and control. Consequently, make sure you take the time to learn, understand and apply these 4 steps. 

A Preview to What These 4 Steps Are...

Don't be fooled by its simplicity...
Don't think that most marketers apply it consistently. It isn't the case.
Build your list around a profitable
product or service...
Don't waste it.
Design an offer
your prospects can't
Be consistent.
Send quality emails.
Manage your list to keep it relevant.


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  • Outcome: How to become an email marketer.
  • Automation: What to do and how to work with an autoresponder.
  • Emails: What to send, when, how often, what to write and not to write...
  • Fine Tuning: How to optimize for more profits.
  • Your Landing Pages: Where to host them, the strategy.
    (done for you models if interested)
  • ​How to capture leads: The best practices of giving something in exchange.
    (Done for you lead magnets if interested).
  • ​Tools we suggest you take advantage of...
  • ​Options: We give you suggestions to help you choose
    your autoresponders and landing page builders.


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THIRD, Get an Email Autoresponder
If you don't already have one,  you will need an autoresponder

You can't grow and manage an email list.
It can't be done manually if you seriously want to tackle this opportunity.
You can start free or as low as $15/month.

The leverage of these tools is simply astonishing!
If you don't have one, you want to go ahead and have an autoresponder now, because
this is the foundation for your email marketing.
This is where you manage your clients contact. 
FOURTH, Select a Sales Funnel builder
If you don't have a sales funnel yet... but you have a website,
you will do fine. But if you want to take it up a notch you will need
to be able to create one in your website environment
or use a software to do so.

You probably want to know what you should do, 
which one you should get.

If you have budget, the answer is not the same as if you are tight
and don't want to spend too much before you start to make money online.

Thank you!

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